Over the Hedge Verne

Verne was the deuteragonist of Over the Hedge. He was the co-leader of the animals and one of RJ's best friends.



Little is known about Verne's past.

In Over the HedgeEdit

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In Over the Hedge: The Video GameEdit


Verne, as he appears in the video game

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Verne was a naturally cynical turtle with a conscience who knew he shouldn't do things, but did them anyway, reasoning being pushed aside. This went for his friendship with RJ, although it was possible he was let in as a target for pranks, jokes, and the like.

He was well-meaning, friendly, caring, selfless, generous, kindhearted, patient, and honest. He was also neurotic, insecure, and cautious. Verne was also terrified of change of any sort.

Indeed, it seemed Verne was the laughing stock of the gang, often protesting various plans fueled by RJ, but the sheer number of RJ's supporters were often his trump card. He was often humiliated and / or harmed or seen without his shell, revealing his human-resembled butt.


Verne was a slender box turtle. He had brown eyes.


  • Verne was originally the leader of the animals before RJ arrived.
  • When completely naked, Verne's butt resembled a human's for an unknown reason.
  • In real life, a turtle's shell inside is actually muscle, so it is attached to them. How Verne was able to remove his shell is unknown. This was likely added in because in the comic strip, he was able to remove it.
  • When he felt something bad was about to happen, Verne had a habit of saying his tail was tingling.
  • Verne's personality was based on his voice actor Garry Shandling.