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Prince Tigerius Mahmoud Shaboz, better known as Tiger, is a character in the Over the Hedge franchise. He is Gladys' former pet Persian cat and Stella's boyfriend.



Not much is known about his past, except when he mentions some of his family to Stella in the film.

In Over the HedgeEdit

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In Over the Hedge: The Video GameEdit

Over the Hedge The Video Game Tiger

Tiger, as he appears

Tiger makes a cameo appearance.


Tiger is a highly sophisticated, well-treated, somewhat arrogant Persian cat who adores his owner Gladys. He has never been abused and is shocked when Stella screams at him, but soon becomes love-struck.

After reuniting with Stella in the woods, Tiger becomes more laidback, carefree, and friendly.


Tiger is a sturdy, fluffy, obese Persian lilac point cat. He has a flat, round face, small ears, a dark brown nose, short legs, small paws, and bright blue eyes. He used to wear a blue-gray collar.


  • he cannot smell


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