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Stella is the secondary tritagonist of the Over the Hedge franchise. She is one of RJ's best friends and Tiger's girlfriend.



Not much is known about Stella's past, other than the fact that she has disliked the fact that she is a skunk for quite some time. Due to this, her search for a mate has been unsuccessful and she is quite aggressive on the subject involving men.

In Over the HedgeEdit


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In Over the Hedge: The Video GameEdit


Stella, as she appears in the video game

In the video game, Stella is one of the four playable characters. In the level "Steam Train," she says a mock name of the operation, which is "Operation Disembark."


Stella is sassy and has a short temper.


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  • In the console games, if Stella uses her special attack where the player holds the button, there is a chance she will say, "Hope you can't smell!". This is a reference to Tiger and how he cannot smell. This is revealed when she fills Gladys' home with spray.


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