Over The Hedge

Over the Hedge is a comic strip, written by Michael Fry and drawn by T. Lewis. The comic strip syndicated in June 1995.


The strip revolves around three woodland critters who find their home near-taken over by suburbia, trying to survive the increasing flow of technology and humans while becoming enticed by it at the same time.


Main CharactersEdit

  • RJ: A raccoon con-artist who takes pride in easily swiping the humans' food. He is the de facto leader of the forest and leads it in the wrong direction at that, stating "facts" about humans that are not entirely (at best) true.
  • Verne: A turtle who, while best friends with RJ, has a personality which is radically different from his, being a careful soul who is constantly ridiculed and humiliated.
  • Hammy: An extremely bizarre, hyperactive squirrel who spouts random comments at random moments, as well as following RJ no matter what.


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