Nugent is an antagonist in Over the Hedge. He is a rottweiler who can only say, "Play!" (other than barking).


In Over the HedgeEdit

In Over the Hedge, Nugent was first seen running out of his doghouse, upon hearing one of his squeaky toys squeak. It turned out to be RJ worrily told Verne to be quiet, but Verne wouldn't listen to RJ and starts to loses his temper and angrily stepping on a chicken squeaky toy, then on another one. This resulted in Nugent chasing after Verne (while RJ managed to escape) and outruns the turtle, catches him in his mouth, and starts biting him and hurling him through the air like a toy. RJ then tried to sneak off with a doll, but the string was pulled and the doll said, "Let's play!". This alerted Nugent and the Rottweiler chased after RJ, dragging the wagon of food and Verne into the chase. They crash through the fences and cause a mess, and RJ tells Verne to unhook the chain. Verne does so, and Nugent slides across the grass and sadly says, "Play!"

Nugent is not seen again until near the film's climax, in which he bites a hurt Dwayne, who has climbed the fence to try to get away from the police (and also got stung by the lasers in Gladys' backyard).

In Over the Hedge: The Video GameEdit

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Nugent is very playful and energetic.


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  • Nugent is not actually considered a villain as he is simply an innocent dog who wants to play and have fun with others. However, he is viewed as a threat to RJ and Verne.
  • In the video game, there was a Rottweiler in the "Maintenance Room" level similar to Nugent, and completely unlike him. It also spoke normal and also barked and growled. This dog chased RJ and Verne through the room. It could be possible that he chased RJ, Verne, Hammy, and Stella because he was mad about them getting away when he just wanted to play.