Hammy is the tritagonist of the Over the Hedge franchise. He is one of RJ's best friends.


Hammy is a North American red squirrel who, at some unknown point in his life gained the ability to run extremely fast. He later eventually met Verne and became a part of the Hedge family.


Hammy is not like an average squirrel: He is basically insane, spouting random comments at different moments, incredibly hyperactive, and has an extreme craze for nuts (as well as sugary items, mostly cookies), often trying to find them, to no avail. However, Hammy also has a calmer side. He is goofy, hilarious, and funny.


Hammy is a slender American red squirrel. He has hazel eyes.


  • A near-identical character named Sammy was in the comic strip up until late 2005, where a story line shows a mirrored dimension where RJ, Elrod ("Like Verne is any better?"), and Hammy resided. At its conclusion, Sammy went into this dimension and did not return ("He's checking out the floating thingies in his eyes again."), so Hammy came to the real dimension and replaced Sammy. In the movie adaptation, this story line is changed, replaced with the reveal that Sammy has been dead since the Vietnam war, a detail that haunts Hammy throughout the film's entirety.


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